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'A very sad day for West Bengal'

Last updated on: March 24, 2009 11:43 IST

The launch of the Nano in Mumbai seemed to be a day of mourning in West Bengal. Here's what the state's Industry Minister Nirupam Sen had to say:

Is it a miss for Bengal?

It is a very sad day for the state, and also dangerous for the future.

Were enough efforts made to retain the project?

The government tried, and even the people of Singur formed NGOs like the Nano Bachao Committee to retain the project. Sadly, these failed.

So why did voters in Singur vote against the Left in the panchayat polls?

The people were temporarily misled into voting against the Left, just after the Nano project was pulled out of Singur. I am sure they rethink now.

What will your party do to tackle the opposition, like Trinamool?

The Left Front will continue its mass contact and education programme to create public opinion favouring industrialisation.

And the land in Singur?

The land is partly with the government, partly with the company. In the changed economic scenario, I cannot say how quickly another plant will come up there.

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