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The meltdown 'quiz'

By J Mulraj,
October 08, 2008 15:31 IST
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Analyst final exam question paper.

1. What is the most used 4-letter word in the financial world?

  • A. F***
  • B. Fuld

2. What does A.I.G. stand for?

  • A. American Insurance Group
  • B. All Is Gone

3.  What does 'bailout' refer to?

  • A. Paulson's rescue plan
  • B. Golden parachutes for top executives

4. What is the Federal Reserve?

  • A. The US monetary authority
  • B. Patience shown by US government towards financial firms

5. When a cheque is returned with the comment 'insufficient balance,' whom does it refer to?

  • A. The issuer of the cheque
  • B. The Bank

6. What is WMD?

  • A. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • B. Washington Mutual Deposit

7. What are fairy tales in the financial world known as?

  • A. Aesop's fables
  • B. ESOPs fables

8. Financial institutions follow a convention of SFP. What does SFP stand for?

  • A. Safe financial policy
  • B. Structured Financial Products

9. What is Goldman Sachs?

  • A. An American investment bank
  • B. What the investment bank is now doing

All those who answered A, are required to sit for a re-exam

All those who answered B, are given jobs with sovereign wealth funds

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J Mulraj,

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