All post offices to be linked to banks
February 01, 2022  11:56
All post offices to be linked with Core Banking Solution to push financial inclusion, Finance Minister Sitharaman announced in her Budget speech on Tuesday, and 75 digital banks in 75 districts will be set up by scheduled commercial banks to encourage digital payments.

Among other announcements she made are: 

Next phase of ease of doing business, ease of living to be launched   

Data exchange among all-mode operators to be brought in on unified logistics interface platform to enable efficient movement of goods   

Villages on northern border of India will be covered under a new vibrant village programme to enhance development   

To reduce the delay in payment, an online bill system to be launched which will be used by all central ministries 

Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics (AVGC) sector offers immense potential to employ youth. An AVGC promotion task force with all stakeholders will be set up to recommend ways to realise this and build domestic capacity for serving our markets and the global demand 

Fund to be facilitated through NABARD to finance startups for agriculture and rural enterprise, relevant for farm produce value chain. Startups will support FPOs and provide tech to farmers
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