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Planning an overseas trip? Some tips

August 13, 2009 09:07 IST

A Lufthansa flightEurope. Malaysia. Bali. These are destinations that most of us have always dreamed off going to whether alone or with family.

A holiday overseas is a dream shared by almost everyone. But a holiday, a time to just relax and enjoy, can quickly turn into a nightmare if not planned properly. But you may ask, why plan when you can have more fun being spontaneous. Well, having fun by being spontaneous does not hold true all the time.

By planning, you:

Here are some tips while planning an overseas trip:

The itinerary

When you start planning your itinerary, ask yourself these questions and a good plan will emerge out of all the confusion in your mind.

Managing finances

Once you have chosen the destination and fixed your budget, you need to figure out how to go about managing the finances. By merely using the proper mode for payments, you could save up to 10% of your costs. Travellers have the option of choosing from spending tools like:

Carry the bulk of your money in the form of traveller's cheques since these are the most secure and also protect you against exchange rate fluctuations

Use these as your last resort since the charges incurred when using debit or credit cards overseas can send your budget haywire

Managing health and other unplanned situations

Getting a travel insurance policy is slowly becoming an indispensable part of a traveller's list of 'must-haves'. The basic purpose of opting for travel insurance is to safeguard against high medical costs as well as baggage delay or loss. Other eventualities covered include loss of passport, missed flights, financial emergencies and housebreak when the traveller is holidaying.

For medical emergencies, ensure that you have a mediclain policy with cashless facility and which covers overseas expenses.

In conclusion . . .

Also, If you think that you might need some help to arrange for the finances, there are a lot of banks offering travel loans.

The loan meets any kind of travel expense such as cost of tickets, hotel stay, visa, airport tax, purchase of basic travel quota, etc. The rate of interest varies from bank to bank, depending on the current market conditions and their policies. It is generally between 14-16 per cent.

Normally banks charge interest on a reducing balance.

So the next time you dream about an evening in Paris, remember that making that dream come true is easier than you imagine.

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