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Rediff News  All News  » Business » Anybody with a good idea can prosper in US: Obama

Anybody with a good idea can prosper in US: Obama

Last updated on: October 19, 2010 09:23 IST

Image: A student with an 'Obama haircut' at Wright Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin.
Photographs: Larry Downing/Reuters. Lalit K Jha in Washington

The United States is a country where anybody with a good idea can prosper and anyone with talent can succeed, President Barack Obama has said.

"That's not just the power of science. That's the promise of America. Anybody with a good idea can prosper. Anybody with talent can succeed," Obama said on Monday in his remarks after meeting a group of science students, two of whom were Indian-Americans, invited by the White House from across the country.

"That's why we're here today. That's what we're all celebrating. That's why it's so important that we promote math education and science education, on behalf of not just this generation but all the generations to follow," he said.


Anybody with a good idea can prosper in US: Obama

Image: Uresh Patel (Mentor), Bruce Engberg, Anika Patel, Angela Riggins, Sara Konek (Coach) (L toR)
Photographs: Courtesy, Exploravision.

"So, to all the young people who are here, I could not be prouder of you. I expect some of you to be back here as Nobel Prize winners and what not. In the mean time, just keep on doing what you're doing," Obama said after having a personal interaction with many of these students.

The two-Indian Americans were Raina Jain and Anika Patel. Jain from Pennsylvania analyzed whether cells adhere better to rough or smooth surfaces of Bioglass, which could lead to improved bone implants.

Eighth-graders Patel and Angela Riggins have developed the Ecological Paper Printing and Ink Collector (EPPIC) system that recycles and reuses printed-paper and its ink created by binding an organic renewable pigment to a graphene sheet with a large surface area made using nanotechnology.


Anybody with a good idea can prosper in US: Obama

Image: Robotics.
"What I have said for a long time is, is that success is not going to be achieved just by government. It depends on teachers and parents and students, and the broader community supporting excellence. And that's why last year I challenged scientists and business leaders to think of creative ways so that we can engage young people in math and science," Obama said.

"It was interesting, when I was talking to some folks -- how did you get interested in this? How did you first enter a robotics contest? And a lot of times it turned out that a young person had been inspired because they had seen some older kid involved in a robotics contest.


Anybody with a good idea can prosper in US: Obama

Image: Barack Obama.
Photographs: Reuters.
Or there had been a teacher who had connected up with some international contest and it gave them a focal point for their energy and their attention and their interest," he said in his remarks. "This is a challenge that will determine our leadership in the 21st century global economy.

So we need all hands on deck. Everybody has got to be involved. I'm pleased that there are a lot of people out there who are answering the call. Companies, not-for-profits, they're coming together to replicate successful existing science programmes," Obama said.

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