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Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Last updated on: January 6, 2010 17:51 IST

Image: IT sector to boom.
Photographs: Arko Datta/Reuters

The IT boom will continue in 2010. The combined India domestic IT-ITeS market will grow by 15 per cent in 2010 to hit revenues to the tune of Rs 120,666 crore (Rs 1,206.66 billion) compared to Rs 104,906 crore (Rs 1,049.06 billion) in 2009, according to a IDC study.

"As consumers and enterprises demand services and solutions that allow them to 'do more with less', the ICT industry will focus on business model innovation, improved productivity, faster return on investment and cost savings," says Kapil Dev Singh, country manager, IDC India.

"IT implementations in 2010 and beyond will, therefore, have to manage higher business effectiveness and innovation through IT and greater efficiency of IT investments," Singh added.

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Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Image: Indian employees at a call centre provide service support to international customers.
Photographs: Sherwin Crasto/Reuters
1. The Indian IT-ITeS sector, with a growth rate of 15 per cent will remain the fastest growing IT-ITeS market in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) region in 2010.

Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Image: iPhone 3G S.
Photographs: Courtesy, Apple Inc.

2. There will be a paradigm shift for Consumer ICT from 'Consumer 1.0' to 'Consumer 2.0' to strengthen as:

a. PC market to witness a generational shift, notably to the mini notebook PC or 'netbook' as Solid State Disk (SSD) ensembles reach a new threshold of usage in mobile computing

b. Smart handheld devices (SHDs) running new applications and services to take off as they reach high levels of penetration and wider acceptance

c. Highly advanced range of client-end digital products such as enhanced digital cameras to address the demands of the 'serious enthusiast', and services like online digital photo albums or 'photobooks' to see increased adoption.


Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Image: 3G services get delayed.

3. A lag in the roll out of 3G/WiMAX will affect the launch of new types of consumer services. While consumers may experience newer digital products, they will have to make do with the limited spectrum of applications currently available and wait for the full range of next generation services experience.

4. "Consolidation" to take place in many technology markets as enterprises aim for higher efficiencies from existing IT infrastructure resources to reduce business overheads and capex to the minimum. In 2010 virtualisation to gather steam and grow along the key infrastructure technology products and solutions such as servers and storage, networking and desktops.

Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Image: An Indian employees at a call centre provide service support to international customers.
Photographs: Sherwin Crasto/Reuters

5. "Leveraging" to provide enterprises, across a diverse range of industries and sectors, a distinct competitive advantage as they deploy solutions that offer innovative, high value, quick RoI solutions to their customers.

a. Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics to witness increased adoption as a part of the industry transformation in the post-slowdown economy

b. More organizations to outsource as the industry moves closer to an era of "Technology-enabled Business Outsourcing' (TEBO)" services

c. Collaboration and Unified Communications (UC) like Immersive Telepresence, videoconferencing and other 'socialytic' or Web 2.0-type applications to witness integrated build-outs.


Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Image: Cloud computing to bring bigger opportunities.
Photographs: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters
6. Acceptance and adoption of the "Cloud" to grow as the post-economic slowdown scenario drives more organisations towards it, to harness its power in accelerating business recovery and growth.

Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Image: Green tech to grow.

7. Green technology and green initiatives will start emerging in 2010 based on overarching business concerns of cost control, efficiency and new public policy formulations driven by global environmental concerns.

a. Power management and cooling efficiencies getting increased attention from large enterprise and BPO industry top managements; introduction of unconventional ('battery-less') and solar UPS systems for the India market by major international vendors

b. Establishment of 'Green' and 'Intelligent' cities/ special economic zones (SEZs) across the country.

8. e-Governance and 'Economic Stimulus Spending' will continue to invigorate government/public sector IT spending to new levels in 2010.

Large scale e-government and e-governance projects to witness increased adoption of Document Management Services (DMS) and digital imaging technologies, notably scanners.

Top 10 tech predictions for 2010

Image: Worldwide IT market to grow.
9. Security in the age of 'x-as-a-Service': The critical business case for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions.

10. Worldwide IT market growth to revive to 3.2 per cent and touch nearly $1.5 trillion spending in 2010 up from an estimated $1.45 trillion for full year 2009.